Sunday, November 28, 2010

RGV keen on Orange results

Ram Gopal Varma is very much keen on the result of Ram Charan’s movie Orange . RGV, for the first time waiting with a deep breath to know the result of Orange.
As Rakta Charitra 1 did good business in Telugu, expectations are high on Rakta Charitra 2 Telugu version to do well. However, it will also depend on how high expected films like Orange fares. Hence, Ram Gopal Varma is waiting to see Orange range before deciding about when to release Rakta Charitra 2.
Even though RGV is saying that Rakta Charitra 2 will release on Dec 3 at the moment, performance of Orange is likely to influence it. If Orange gets better talk and if the buzz remains the same after the release, Rakta Charitra 2 has all chances to be postponed to Dec 10. That will in turn influence other releases that are lined ups.


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